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Software: Uielements

Templates allow novices to create their own floor or Web based exhibits. Universal Modules allow more advanced developers to combine, branch, and write their own modules that can act as building blocks for new Exhibits.

UI Elements

Orb Menu

v1.0 Updated August 16, 2011
posted: 08-16-2011 Matthew Valverde
Orb Menu Project Thumbnail

The Orb Menu is a UI Element that you can utilize to switch between swf's, jpg's and / or png's.  The Orb Menu may be a free floating object on the stage, or staionary in one of the 4 corners.  You may style and edit the Orb Menu via the  file, "OrbMenuUtility.xml".

Key Viewer

v1.1.1 Updated April 11, 2011
posted: 06-28-2011 Matthew Valverde
Key Viewer Project Thumbnail

The keyViewer module is a simple extendable onscreen keyboard which can be omni-directionally repositioned and re-sized onstage using multitouch gestures. The keyboard styling, size, layout, and spacing can be customized using the module XML.


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