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Software: Open Exhibits SDK (Core)

Open Exhibits SDK (Core) is required to use most Open Exhibits templates & modules. Open Exhibits SDK (Core) is free for educational and non-commercial use. Commercial projects and work for hire requires GestureWorks in order to use Open Exhibits software.

The Most Advanced Multitouch Framework Ever Released

Flash, Flex and Air

Limitless Multitouch Authoring for Flash, Flex, & Air

Flash, Flex and Air developers can develop their own modules using ActionScript, or combine existing modules to create a custom application.


Non-programmers can add content to one of our pre-built templates to easily create a full exhibit.

Included Gesture Library

Included Gesture Library

The included gesture library contains dozens of the most commonly used gestures, to rapdily speed your development.

Use our gestures to zoom, rotate, flick, or scroll objects in your application.

Modules, Templates and Open Exhibits

Modules, Templates and Open Exhibits


Modules, are functional components that can be used as building blocks for templates and exhibits. They focus on a single application functionality and can be used alone or combined with other components and Utilities to create rich templates and exhibits.


Templates are full exhibits without content. You can add content via external XML files (no programming required!) or customize a template to include other modules or new functionalities.


Exhibits are floor-ready applications. Content is included, but exhibits can be modified to include other data or modules.

Free and Open

Free and Open Source

The Open Exhibits SDK is an open source multitouch framework for Flash, designed for students and educators, museums, nonprofits, and U.S. Government agencies. Open Exhibits SDK is licensed for educational and non-commercial use only. Commercial use requires GestureWorks.

All modules, templates, and exhibits hosted on the site are available to download and distribute under a GNU General Public License. All modules and templates will work with both Open Exhibits SDK and the Gestureworks multitouch framework for Flash and Flex.

Exhibit content, graphics, and other creative content hosted on this site are available to share under a Creative Commons Share Alike License.

For more information, view our license page.

Requirements and Specifications

Requirements and Specifications

We strongly recommend that users use Adobe Flash CS5 with Open Exhibits. See the Adobe Flash site [ ] for complete system requirements and more information. Adobe Flash CS4 installers are included, but tutorials and other materials are published for CS5.

Developers can use the Open Exhibits Flex build with Adobe Flash Builder 4; however, Air 2.5 and SDKs other than Flash Builder are not supported. See the Adobe Flash Builder site [ ] for complete system requirements and more information.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number Division of Research on Learning in formal and informal settings #1010028. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Open Exhibits was developed by Ideum, makers of GestureWorks. Open Exhibits SDK is free for non-commercial use.

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